November 7, 2017

Tips & Tricks: Write room data into any room element

Smart SelectAGACAD has a nifty free add-on for Revit® called Smart Select. We invite all Revit users to download this free tool and see how it speeds up your tasks! It’s basically a multi-element, auto-selection tool that lets you quickly select elements in a room or space by category, family, or type. This is invaluable in cases when you need to, for instance, write room data to a certain type of element in a room because it eliminates repetitive and inaccurate manual selection.

With Smart Select, you can filter elements by room name or number and add needed parameters to all elements that belong to that room. The workflow looks like this:

  1. Download Smart Select
  2. Install Smart Select
  3. Filter Elements by Room Name or Number:

  4. Select one room on
    the left side of this dialog box, and click OK:

  5. Result: all elements
    in that room or space are selected.
  6. Create a new
    parameter. Make sure that this parameter is set to be “Values can Vary by group
    instance”, and add this parameter to all Revit Categories!

  7. And finally, write your needed
    data to all elements in the selected room. That’s it!

Get Smart Select for free and see how useful it is! Just download our TOOLS4BIM Dock below for your version of Revit. Then, open Revit, and smartly select Smart Select from the TOOLS4BIM Dock.

TOOLS4BIM Dock download

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