March 10, 2022

AGACAD suspends technology sales to Russia over attack on Ukraine

The February 24, 2022 is the date that Ukrainians and the rest part of the world will never forget.

The invasion of Ukraine by the Russian troops that began on that day brings back to all of us memories of a time of conflicts in Europe, cold or hot, that we would have loved to keep in the History books.

The current geopolitical context leads us to stop of commercial operations with Russia after the sanction packages pronounced against Russia for its unprovoked invasion of Ukraine. AGACAD has suspended any direct or indirect supply of new AEC technologies and services to Russian counterparts and to Russia in general. While we will continue to provide post-purchase support to our existing customers in these countries, our primary focus will be on the welfare of our clients in Ukraine.

AGACAD employees also contribute to urgently needed humanitarian aid to the citizens of Ukraine by supporting the following humanitarian aid organisations:

Every one of us can also donate to the aid organisation of our choice to help innocent people.
Don’t be indifferent!