Specialized Timber & Steel Framing in Revit

During the past 2 months we’ve hosted several live webinars covering specialty framing in Revit. On the timber side, those included structural insulated panels, cross laminated timber, and post-frame (a.k.a. heavy timber, mass timber, or oak) constructions. And for metal framing, we delved into ventilated facades, glazing, and curtain walls & panels. In this post we’ve gathered those webinars into one place.

In each webinar, our BIM application engineer shows the workflow for using our wood and metal framing tools in tandem with custom Revit families and configurations to model walls, floors, and roofs; distribute connection details and hardware; generate shop drawings and cut lists; and export to CNC machines, where applicable.

Without further ado, here’s our 2020 collection of 5 webinars about specialty framing in Autodesk Revit.

Wood Framing SIPS

Our Wood Framing SIPS software automates the framing and documentation processes. That includes splitting your basic Revit roof and walls; framing them out; splitting foam core and OSB; inserting battens, roofing, and caps for ridges, valleys, and hips; placing nailers and siding; and generating shop drawings and cut lists. The main task is to set the configurations to fit company standards, but once that’s done, they can be applied to future projects.

Wood Framing CLT

Wood Framing CLT brings your design process to the next level of automation. You can model custom connections like dovetails and lap joins for walls, floors, and roof slabs. Connectors, cuts, and sheathing layouts are distributed according to your predefined configurations. And of course, shop tickets are produced automatically with tags and dimensions inserted just the way you want.

Our most popular client story to date came out in early 2020 about a customer of ours – CarbonDynamic – in Scotland who designs prefabricated modular homes, cabins, pods, lodges, studios, and workspaces with cross-laminated timber. Check out their portfolio here (beware, you may be highly tempted to place an order)!

Wood Framing OAK

With Wood Framing OAK it’s just a matter of figuring out a workflow and creating the required families to design your own custom structures because this BIM tool automates the framing and documentation process for even the most complex and unique post and beam designs. Starting from basic Revit walls, floors, and a roof, you just need to set the configurations and then map them to the respective architecture. Supports mortise and tenon connections (both rectangular and oval tenons), dovetails, and shouldered girders, braces, and post caps.

Ventilated Facades

This webinar shows 2 workflows for framing ventilated facades: segmenting a facade according to (1) predefined panel size and (2) panels of different sizes. Our Ventilated Facades metal framing BIM tool is for designing highly-detailed, multi-story ventilated facade systems in Revit. Batch-insert hundreds of details throughout the model and generate fabrication information with all necessary views, schedules, and drawings.

Curtain Walls & Panels

Our Curtain Walls & Panels framing software is for AEC industry professionals involved in the design or prefabrication of facades for residential, industrial, and especially commercial buildings framed with highly-detailed unitized elements. It’ll insert hundreds of mullions, transoms, window glass holders and drainages, pressure plates, cover plates, insulators, infills, connection brackets, gaskets, and bolts automatically throughout your Revit model.

If you’d like to find out if one of our specialized framing solutions is right for your outfit, we invite you to have a free demo with one of our BIM application engineers. Just contact us, and we’ll get in touch with you to set up a personal demo at your convenience.

After a free demo, the next step would be to take a paid trial of the solution, the cost of which would be deducted from the purchase price should you ultimately go ahead with our framing software.

Paid Trial

You’ll need sample families, sample configurations, and personal training with our engineers to properly assess the framing software.

A Paid Trial* includes:

  • Revit project with sample families & configurations
  • Personal online training (2 hours) + answers to your questions
  • 30-day software trial with tech support

*For more information, see our FAQ page.

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