Software Subscription and Its Benefits: Main Things You Need to Know

SubscribeSubscriptions are nothing new nowadays. Microsoft’s customers have been purchasing Software Assurance subscriptions for all of their software for years. Autodesk Inc. is also keen to make all its customers on subscription basis. Knowing that our customers’ requirements and needs change continuously, we relentlessly continue to pursue improvements and excellence in our software products both T4R© (Tools 4 Revit) add-ons and AGACAD BIM Solutions.

Our subscription period is 1 year. Everyone who is under active subscription can benefit immediately by receiving new updates as well as taking part in our future software development process when offering new features, sharing ideas, testing, etc. We guarantee our Subscribers consulting and assistance on our solutions’ usage and efficient operation.

TOP 3 Subscription Benefits for AGACAD product subscribers:
      • Technical support that provided by AGACAD dedicated team of customer support managers and Certified Revit Professionals.
      • New functionality development after Revit users’ wish list. We work very flexibly. Missing some functionality? If any active subscriber doesn’t find anything suitable for his needs in our standard product range, we can create something special to meet his own exact requirement.
      • Software updates allow you to be up to date with the latest version.


  1. Software Updates. It is an improvement of current version which includes bug fixes, new features, more compatibility and stability. We usually come up with 2-3 updates per year. By using the latest versions, companies have the opportunity to streamline and ensure their people work as effectively as possible.
  2. Previous Version Rights. Subscription members have a right to switch between different versions anytime they need. It is a public secret that more than half of the projects run on previous software versions.
  3. New Version Release. Subscription members are always first to work with the newest software releases. We make sure that our new software versions are released at the same time as Autodesk Revit.
  4. Technical Support. We provide full technical support to all our customers. Subscription members are always first to receive the answers. As new software versions are released and the majority of Revit users upgrade, attention turns away from the older versions. In few years time some older versions may become unsupported.
  5. Expert Consulting. Professional practical assistance in using AGACAD TOOLS4BIM software.
  6. Software Customization. We custom our tools under predefined conditions and rules. Every subscription member is welcome to participate in future software development and share ones ideas or, work on current software customization according to the existing needs and requirements.
  7. E-Help. There were many projects, videos and pdf files uploaded into our E-Help. We provide a large range of free training resources for all our products. It is a great place to visit and look for the answers. Everyone can easily access it anytime by pressing F1 in the T4R dialog window. Revit user will be directed to the E-Help automatically.
  8. Videos. Currently we are making new videos for each T4R add-on and AGACAD BIM Solution in order to help people evaluate our software properly and work with it afterwards. Easy-to-follow video tutorials help you master the software and learn how to put it to work for you, or your company.

After Subscription Contract expiration customer can use only that AGACAD software version what is current on expiration date or get it renewed.

Renewing your T4R software subscription is one of the most cost-effective ways to protect your software investment. It saves you time, it saves you money, and it ensures uninterrupted access to technical support, previous versions, updates and a new release in the springtime.

Need more information about T4R software subscription? We can help: contact us.

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