June 13, 2019

Updated schedules functionality in Smart Assemblies

Smart Assemblies has always helped Revit® users save hours of work when creating schedules for assemblies, and we continue to make this BIM solution ever more powerful. The latest update adds a new Schedule View Template option (in addition to the already-existing Schedule Instance.

Schedule view

Schedule Instance uses the actual schedule from the project browser as a schedule template. The user needs to have that schedule in the project with Schedule View Template assigned (for more about that, see Automated Schedules in Smart Assemblies).

Automated Schedule

The new Schedule View Template option is a shorter path to the same result.

New option

We encourage users of Smart Assemblies to try out this new option, which we’re confident you will find useful! If you haven’t done so already, just click the little red bubbles in the TOOLS4BIM Dock to download the latest version.

If by some chance you’re not yet a user of AGACAD products, we invite you to take a free trial of any of our BIM solutions. It’s easy – simply download the TOOLS4BIM Dock for your version of Revit and select the tool you’d like to try out.