August 12, 2014

Newly Built Promo Videos about Few Tools for Revit®

promo videoToday I would like to remind you about few promotional videos that were published on YouTube in the beginning of this summer but because of holiday time they were not shared with our blog readers. 

The first promotional video is about RAS Manager that is a powerful Autodesk® Revit® Architecture / MEP extension for creating and managing rooms, areas and spaces with HVAC parameters. This Revit add-on expedites your design processes and allows you to prevent errors. Working with rooms, spaces and areas becomes rapid and clear. RAS Manager instantly inserts areas into a project by DIN BGF, DIN NGF, SIS BRA, SIS BTA, SIS NTA standards and other configurable rules. It automatically adds Spaces by Rooms with the same engineering data and calculates supply/exhaust airflow by area, by changes per hour and by Person in a Space, etc. You are welcome to watch our promo video about this useful tool for Revit here:

U-Value is another Autodesk Revit extension which promo video was updated. A short sound-film explains how to use your own material libraries for overall heat transfer coefficient (U-Value) calculations for walls, floors, roofs, ceilings and foundation slabs. Revit app U-Value highly speeds up calculation and analysis process because all the materials with their properties could be inserted from the text files and exported to external formats. Watch the U-Value promo video and make sure yourself:

If you decide that RAS Manager, U-Value or other our tools for Revit could be useful for you, you are free to download fully-operational trial version of any our extension for Revit. Our product managers are always ready to answer your questions regarding the product use. Just send an e-mail to