September 21, 2016

New Revit Framing Technology! Create Unique Wall Joins in Frame Houses

We often receive requests from clients to make specific L, T or Free End joins. The most popular are already available, but still there is a need to generate something unique. Unique joins usually are encouraged by structural engineers who are willing to save heating loses or save materials. We always had demand for such tasks.

Now, we have good news for everyone with need for custom joins!

We have created new connection technology that allows making virtually any connection type, save it and use in any projects. This technology has been developed for Metal Framing Wall+ and Wood Framing Wall+.

Here is an example, which we got from the client. This is their specific L corner:

Here we have a combination of two longer and shorter (Butt) wall connections. Butt connection is very simple; there are only two studs which are aligned with wall layer thickness. The longer side is quite specific:

Let’s create this corner using new Wall+ feature. Now all L, T, End Connections and V Connections have a feature to create custom joins:

Convenient dialog allows users to create specific connections. User can predefine each stud type and its position. The stud can be rotated by 90 or 180 degrees and added to the external, internal or centre wall layer. Additionally, there is a feature which allows stud alignment with previous stud. Users can select specific type with predefined sizes from the project, or they can define the Depth to be aligned with the wall layer thickness. The scheme which is predefined by the user is visible in the Symbolic Preview. The custom join can be saved and used in different projects or shared with colleagues.

Result after clicking on Wall+ → Frame Wall:

On this occasion, we are hosting a 45-min WEBINAR, which is relevant for both wood- and metal structure designers since all new features are same for both wood- and metal-framed structures.

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