February 25, 2013

New Smart Browser Versions Have Been Released!


The FREE Revit extension Smart Browser allows to find Revit® families on user’s local computer or company server quickly and easily. Updates of this product v2013 and v2012 have already been released.

Smart Browser v2013.4 and v2012.6 – what’s new:

  • Now Smart Browser will keep you updated! It would let you know if the library was modified. User will get a message while opening Smart Family Browser. Thus a user will know when the library should be synchronized:

  • New column is added for showing formulas of the selected family:

  • Possibility to make a search of families by its Revit version is added.
  • Now Project Family Browser offers the possibility to display tags and other detail families.
  • New language is implemented – Portuguese!

We recommend Revit users apply the updates for their Smart Browser installations. To run updates please reinstall your Smart Browser version.
Trusted product:
Over 3755 Revit users worldwide are using our Smart Browser already. We are welcome every Revit user to join our community in using our software!