More Rafter Technology added to AGACAD Roof Framing Solutions

AGACAD’s unstoppable R&D team just added even more great features for framing rafter systems in Revit® to the Wood Framing Roof and Metal Framing Roof solutions. New functionality lets you easily lay out OSB or metal sheathing, place hip, valley and ridge caps, add drip edges, and more.

BIM software for designing prefabricated wood frame roof panels, wooden roof trusses and rafter systems

BIM software for designing metal roof trusses and rafter systems

“We’ve extended our Roof+ tool to automate the design and documentation of any standard roof for assembly on site. Until now the technology was only for prefabricated roof panels,” said Gintaras Aksomitas, the CTO at AGACAD. “This is the only such BIM productivity software for prefab roofs and rafter systems on the market.”

Roof+ is also now significantly more powerful than AGACAD’s previous separate Rafter+ tool, all the functionality of which it now includes, G. Aksomitas added. Users of Rafter+ are invited to upgrade to Roof+ free of charge, and should note that development of Rafter+ has been discontinued.

The powerful features of Roof+ simplify the creation of rafters, roof joists, battens, valley joists, roof boards and more. You can simultaneously generate shop drawings, with sorting, tagging, dimensioning and scheduling of frames. For large roofs the time savings can be up to 90%!

It complements the other tools in the Wood Framing Roof and Metal Framing Roof solutions: Roof Panel Layout, Truss+, Cut Opening and Sort Mark. Those solutions, in turn, are just one valuable part of AGACAD’s more extensive Wood Framing Suite and Metal Framing Suite, which also include Floor+, Floor Panel Layout, Wall+ and Smart Walls.


For current users of our framing software, be sure to download the updates, and don’t hesitate to contact for assistance. And if you’re not a current user, what are you waiting for? Take a free trial by downloading our TOOLS4BIM Dock below!

link to download TOOLS4BIM Dock

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