October 5, 2020

Modeling Precast Concrete BEAMS to LOD 400 and Getting Shop Drawings in Revit [WORKFLOW]

This is the second post in our series on LOD 400 modeling for precast concrete in Revit. Part I was about columns.

In this blog post we will go over the full workflow for modeling precast concrete beams and generating documentation in Revit using AGACAD’s Precast Concrete BIM Solution.

1. Modeling precast beams

Model precast beams with Revit using standard structural framing families.

Structural framing elements in Revit tend to join with other elements and between each other. To avoid unexpected changes down the road, I recommend that you Disallow Joins of beam ends.

Modeling Precast Concrete to LOD 400

I would also recommend to keep the beam location line centered on columns. If you need to move it to the side of a column, use the y-Offset Value, as it‘s better for analytical lines and for working with Smart Connections later on.

Modeling Precast Concrete to LOD 400

2. Inserting connections

Insert cuts, connection plates, grout tubes, and lifting embeds automatically with Smart Connections to reach LOD 350 model stage.

Modeling Precast Concrete to LOD 400

3. Placing rebars

To get to LOD 400 – production level – create reinforcement using our Beam Reinforcement tool and Revit.

4. Numbering of beams panels

Before presenting elements on sheets, renumber elements with Sort Mark by writing information into the instance parameter of each beam. That way they’ll be correctly sorted and marked.

Modeling Precast Concrete to LOD 400
Modeling Precast Concrete to LOD 400

5. Creating shop drawings

Create shop drawings automatically by using the configuration window to define how many views should be created, what should be visible, what kinds of dimensions should be created, and how information should be presented in the schedules.

After the first assembly has been created and the sheet template is ready, all subsequent beam shop tickets will be created automatically. Just select the beams you want, click Create Assembly, and boom – all shop tickets will be created before you finish your coffee.

Modeling Precast Concrete to LOD 400
Modeling Precast Concrete to LOD 400

Get schedules with number of parts, volume of concrete, etc.

Modeling Precast Concrete to LOD 400

Like what you see?

Try the beam modeling workflow out for yourself by taking a free 14-day trial of our Precast Concrete BIM Solution.
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  • Open Revit®.
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