June 5, 2020

Framing Metal Walls, Floors & Roofs in Revit: Modeling & Documentation [WEBINAR]

Join our free 30-minute webinar on June 17th for an expert-level demonstration of modeling light-gauge steel structures in Revit efficiently and preparing accurate shop drawings and cut lists for them. Using our powerful Metal Framing BIM software that’s been continually improved based on the input of framing professionals from all around the globe, we’ll show how to quickly frame single- and multi-layer walls, floors, and roofs for prefabrication. (The tool can also be applied to designing ventilated facades and curtain wall systems.) We’ll go into more detail for LGS floors, rafter systems, and roof & floor trusses, and we’ll show how designers working on element documentation in Revit can save hours by eliminating repetitive tasks like filling in parameter values or dimensioning.

After placing Revit families in the model automatically, the results you’ll see are walls framed in several different ways and then a fully-framed building model that will include various multi-layered structures. Auto-sorting and marking all elements and newly-created structural members and producing shop drawings will be covered during this webinar.

All AEC industry professionals who design or manufacture steel structures (with or without the addition of ventilated facades or curtain walls) are welcome. Architects, engineers, drafters, and builders – we invite you to sign up! The webinar will be held twice, so please register for the session that’s more convenient for you.

light gauge steel framing (fragment) modeled in Autodesk Revit using AGACAD Metal Framing BIM design software

In this webinar you’ll see how to:

  • Design and generate different types of framing structures.
  • Find structural and engineering clashes. Insert openings.
  • Generate wall, floor & roof frames.
  • Modify, add and change elements that can’t be generated automatically.
  • Distribute connection details on framing automatically.
  • Split Revit elements into panels or sheathing.
  • Automatically apply changes to identical situations in model.
  • Fill in parameters for various elements using predefined rules.
  • Dimension views automatically.
  • Generate shop drawings for framed panels.





Our software for framing light-gauge steel walls, floors, and roofs in Autodesk Revit makes framing panels, trusses, and rafters fast and easy. Distribute connectors, cuts, supports, and other details by the batch-load based on predefined rules or connection type. Modify and update in real time to suit the project design stage and the LOD required. It generates views with automatic dimensions as well as accurate bills of materials and shop drawings. All that ensures quality production and accurate assembly on site. The tool can also be applied to ventilated facades and detailed curtain walls.

Light-gauge steel attic framed in Autodesk Revit using AGACAD's Metal Framing BIM software
We hope to see you online!
light gauge steel wall (ventilated facade) modeled in Autodesk Revit using AGACAD Metal Framing BIM design software
Light-gauge steel wall framed in Autodesk Revit using AGACAD's Metal Framing BIM software

Download our TOOLS4BIM Dock (it’s free), and take a free trial of our Metal Framing BIM software PLUS get instant access to our free extensions: Smart Select, Smart Browser Free, and Cut Opening Free.