March 10, 2021

How to Create Dowel Bars in Precast Walls in Revit [WORKFLOW+VIDEO]

Dowels are used in precast concrete walls for forming connections between wall panels, usually in conjunction with grout tubes or cast-in-place elements. In this context, they’re also known as tie bar, lap bar, starter bar, or projecting bar. With our Wall Reinforcement tool, you can add straight or bent (L-shaped) dowel bars in Revit walls automatically according to the configurations that you define.

features included in AGACAD Precast Concrete design software for Revit

Follow the steps below to auto-insert dowel bar in precast wall panels in Revit.

1. Create the configuration. In this case only straight dowel bars will be defined.

Configuring placement of dowel bars on top side of Revit wall

So, here I’ve chosen to create Straight bars at the Top of the Wall; selected the Rebar Type; and defined the Extension distance, Anchorage length, Exterior cover distance, and Layout settings for the dowels.

2. Link this configuration to the wall type. Select wall, click on Wall Link, and select the configuration that should be applied.

Linking configuration to the Revit wall type

3. Select any number of Revit walls, and use the Create Rebar command to begin creating the dowels. Rebar will be created instantaneously.

Straight dowel bars inserted in precast wall in Revit

4. You can also choose other shapes in the configuration. For example, if the lap bar should be bent into the slab, choose L shape and, in the same configuration, adjust the Length, Extension, Anchorage, and other parameters.

L shape wall rebar settings in Wall Reinforcement tool for Revit

Now go ahead and create those rebar:

L shape bars atop a precast wall in Revit

Here are some other variations that are possible by applying different rebar shapes of rebar via the configuration window. Once you set the configurations, you can get results like these in just one click.

Precast wall with L shape rebar in Revit
Heavily reinforced precast shear wall in Revit
Cage reinforcement for precast walls in Revit
Precast concrete wall reinforced with strands in Revit

Precasters who already use our Precast Concrete BIM Solution for Revit – give the above workflow a try in your next project to cut down on manual tasks.

For more on placing rebar in precast designs in Revit, check out our recent Wall Reinforcement webinar (March 2021) over on our YouTube channel.

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