July 3, 2018

How to change a window/door U-value

The U-value and other analytical properties for windows and doors in Revit are set by default and come from the ASHRAE standard. Sometimes, though, you need different U-values for heating load calculations. So, how do you change these hardcoded values?

You can find these constructions on your computer: C:Program FilesAutodeskRevit 2018en-USConstructions.xml

Be aware that the “Construction.xml” file is different for different Revit Language Packages. So just make sure you modify the right one.

  1. Open the “Construction.xml” file and review all possible windows and doors.

    Below, you can see the code for a window I selected in Revit Window Types. (I used search to find this paragraph of code.)

  2. Copy/Paste this paragraph and change all the necessary data. I usually change only Name, Description, and U-value.

  3. After these steps are done – save your “Construction.xml” to the
    same path.

  4. Reload Revit.

  5. Open Revit Window
    Types and review your new Window parameters!

You could apply the same workflow to the Door category as well.