August 27, 2013

FAQ: How to Adjust Dimensions in Revit to Each Door Properly to the Legend View?

I would like to share some information with you that might be of possible interest to other Autodesk® Revit® users, especially for those who are already using the Dynamic Legend extension.

One of questions which I often get from my clients is:Dimensions of the detail component do not adjust properly to the dimensions of each door (it keeps always with the same shape and dimensions). How can I adjust them?”

Answer: The dimensions of the detail component do not adjust properly to the dimensions of each door, because you need to follow these two rules:

1st: Size parameters in the frame have to be the same as it is in your doors. If you use not English Revit or you have created your own size parameters, then these parameters have to be changed in the frame family.

Select the “M_SM_Legend Component” (for imperial project “I_SM_Legend Component” ) → Edit Family → Family Types → select Height/Width parameters → Modify → change the name:

t4rblog_8 28 2013_2

Load the family to the project or the project template.

2nd: Parameters those indicate Width and Height have to be selected through Select Parameters:

t4rblog_8 28 2013_3

If you don’t like to see these parameters in the legend view, you can hide them:

t4rblog_8 28 2013_4

If you follow these two rules listed above, then the frame will be correctly adjusted to your doors or windows:

t4rblog_8 28 2013_5

Please contact our team any time by email if you have any questions on Dynamic Legend or other tools4revit extensions.