How can roof design and manufacturing processes be improved by automation? [VIDEO added]

Roof design in Revit®, whether steel or timber, poses certain difficulties to this day. It’s a process requiring high precision from the designing, drawing, and manufacturing points of view. On top of that, mistakes can easily sweep into the project at any stage. The continual advancement of modeling software brings much-needed speed and efficiency for architects and structural engineers. But how can we ensure smooth sailing right from the concept stage through to technical documentation and manufacturing? The key in every BIM or standalone project is to lay a solid foundation, i.e. to produce a rigid geometry using proper modeling techniques and have sufficient understanding of Revit’s functionality.

In the case of roof design, it’s important to model the roof in line with native Revit rules and constraints. For example, modeling a roof by picking already-existing walls is the best way to go (if possible – sometimes it’s not). Revit allows you to multi-select all connected walls and with just few clicks generate a whole roof. Paying attention to the level upon which the roof is going to be generated is key though. Also manipulating the base offset from the level parameter will allow you to offset the roof and wall junction to leave space for structural framing. Once the roof is modeled correctly and is in place, you can start to produce roof structure and additional damp proofing and cladding layers.

Designing trusses can be equally as difficult. Families and all kinds of parameters need to be set up before you even place one truss. Using AGACAD’s Truss+ functionality, truss grids can be generated for a simple or complex roof type. Grid systems can be modified, and automated truss production saves vast amounts of time.

To find out more about how to automate your design process for truss-based roofs and floors, watch our truss webinar (aired April 15, 2020). We also invite you to download our TOOLS4BIM Dock to take a FREE TRIAL of either our timber or steel framing Revit tools. And we encourage you to ask for a complimentary personal demonstration of the framing software with one of our BIM consultants. Just send us a note, and we can go from there.

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