December 22, 2020

Our holiday wish: Exchange gifts with love and data with clarity

Dear Clients, Colleagues, Friends and Followers,

Sharing is caring. That’s always true in families and communities, especially during the holidays. And it’s also very true in the world of BIM, where providing for each other’s information needs is key. For collaboration, for automation – for good decision-making and state-of-the-art solutions.

This year, while working remotely amid the pandemic, designers, architects, engineers, builders, property managers and others have all felt more sharply than ever how vital the effective exchange of data is.

In terms of data to exchange, accuracy takes effort. But clarity, real usefulness, takes more.

It takes the gift of BIM data classification. Use of a common language so each can understand others’ information. An effort that benefits all and a major step to unlock the benefits BIM offers.

That’s our wish for you in 2021: that you explore data classification more closely (a great New Year’s resolution!) and work to make it a reality in your organization. We at AGACAD are ready and eager to help you do that more easily and better than you otherwise could.

Allow us also to wish all of you health, tenacity, and hope amid any hardships. New strengths, new ideas, and new opportunities from the current circumstances in the world. And firm faith in a very bright future.

Merry Christmas and a Happy 2021!


The AGACAD team