March 21, 2015

FREE WEBINAR for Netherlands Market: Efficient BIM Quality Control for Revit® Users

We periodically hold webinars of our product presentations. Most of those webinars are dedicated to designers all over the world but some of them are made for specific markets. This time we want to introduce you an upcoming seminar for the Dutch market.

AGACAD together with a company Itannex, which is an exclusive reseller of AGACAD products in the Netherlands, are organizing a webinar on tools that help you effectively manage and control the quality of Autodesk® Revit® projects.

While the intro webinar will be in Dutch, the whole demonstration of BIM software will be held in English. So we kindly welcome you to join us on the 23th of March for a free webinar session about LOD and BIM quality control using AGACAD software BIM Tree Manager.

The main theme of this webinar is how to facilitate work with Autodesk® Revit® software for IPD team, BIM Managers, BIM Modelers, Project Managers, Architects, Designers, Engineers and Contractors.

Join us for a 45 minutes presentation and watch live:

  • How to set Level of Development (LOD) in BIM?
  • What are Level of Information and Level of Detail?
  • How to validate and manage BIM and LOD?
  • How to setup and control Level of Development requirements based on standards, specifications or framework agreed upon by the IPD team?
  • How to check standards and how to ensure BIM models fit the agreed standards?

Webinar presenters Peter Kip, BIM Consultant at Itannex, and Renata Jociene, Lead BIM Application Manager at AGACAD, will be re running this webinar on 23th March 2015 at 11:00 AM. To sign up please click here.