June 18, 2020

Framing Timber Walls, Floors & Roofs in Revit: Modeling & Documentation [WEBINAR]

Join our free 30-minute webinar on July 1st for an advanced demonstration of framing walls, floors, and roofs in Revit, including how to generate shop drawings and export to CAD/CAM production lines. Our powerful Wood Framing BIM software for total-precision framing of timber constructions in Revit has been continually improved based on the input of framing professionals all around the world, and now we invite you to see how to use it to quickly frame single- and multi-layer walls, floors, and roofs for prefabrication and on-site construction.

timber framed house in Autodesk Revit using AGACAD Wood Framing Suite BIM design software

See the best practices for daily use of our Wood Framing Suite tools and get familiar with the user interface and a typical workflow for framing, generating schedules and cut lists, and exporting data to CNC. Our Wood Framing tools can also be applied to framing buildings with CLT panels, SIPS, or heavy timber post-and-beams.

Starting with simple Revit elements (walls, floors, roofs), the results you’ll see are multi-layered walls, floors, rafters, trusses, and roof panels fully framed for prefabrication or on-site construction. Additional layers of cladding, roofing, insulation, sheathing and paneling will also be added to the overall build up of load bearing and non-load bearing building components. All panels and structural members will be automatically sorted for subsequent shop ticket generation.

Intended for all timber construction industry professionals: architects, engineers, drafters, manufacturers, and builders – we invite you to sign up! The webinar will be held twice, so please register for the session that’s more convenient for you.

timber framed houses modeled in Revit using AGACAD Wood Framing tools

In this webinar you’ll see how to:

  • Design and generate timber frames for walls, floors & roofs
  • Frame an entire house based on its 3D model
  • Automatically split architectural Revit elements by preset sizes
  • Create detailed, multi-layer timber framing
  • Auto-distribute studs, plates, battens, secondary frame, and sheathing
  • Find structural and engineering clashes, and cut and frame openings according to predefined rules

timber framed wall joinery modeled in Autodesk Revit using AGACAD Wood Framing BIM softwaretimber framed wall joinery modeled in Autodesk Revit using AGACAD Wood Framing BIM software



Our framing software for designing timber walls, floors, and roofs in Autodesk Revit makes framing fast and easy, plus it allows you to perform all BIM related tasks and collaborate with other project team members. Distribute connectors, cuts, supports, and other details by the batch-load based on predefined rules or connection type. Modify and update in real time to suit the project design stage and the LOD required. Generate views with automatic dimensions as well as accurate bills of materials and shop drawings. All that ensures quality production and accurate assembly on site. Use Wood Framing Suite for various building typologies where timber frames are used as the primary structural element.timber framed floor and roof modeled in Revit using AGACAD Wood Framing tools

We hope to see you online!

Download our TOOLS4BIM Dock (it’s free), and take a free trial of our Wood Framing Wall, Floor, or Roof BIM software PLUS get instant access to our free extensions: Smart Select, Smart Browser Free, and Cut Opening Free.