July 10, 2014

Feature Comparison Relevant for Revit® Structure Users

ComparisonApproximately a week ago we published the matrix with Revit® Architecture vs Revit® Architecture plus AGA CAD tools & BIM solutions feature comparison. Looking at download number of this document we understand that it has attained great interest of Revit users. So at this time we have compiled feature comparison between plain Autodesk® Revit® Structure software vs features of Autodesk® Revit® Structure together with AGA CAD products (Tools 4 Revit and BIM Solutions). See this matrix yourself:

Download T4R Feature Comparison for Structural Engineers >>

If you find any feature of BIM solution or tools for Revit can be helpful for your daily work, you are welcome to download fully operational trial version here.

In case you have any questions how to use applications for Revit properly, contact us by e-mail support@aga-cad.com.