August 6, 2013

FAQ: How to Create a Block with Parameter Driven Text in Revit?

Dynamic Legend is a powerful Autodesk® Revit® Architecture/Structure/MEP extension that allows designers to quickly create, modify and update legends for Revit elements. It is time-saving software that is used by many Revit users worldwide. Using this add-in each Revit user can create & update intelligent legends and specifications per different legend pages. Dynamic Legends works with all Revit categories those can be added to a legend view.

From time to time we get questions about Revit app Dynamic Legend possibilities. At this time I will answer to quite a common question:“I would like to create a block that has parameter driven text, i.e. a mixture of vertically and horizontally aligned text, and for this block then to be copied downward. How to do that?”

Answer: Yes, it is possible. Here are the steps:

1) Select a block:

Dynamic Legend-block with parameters 1

2) Then with “Pick Columns” create a first row with parameters:

Dynamic Legend-block with parameters 2

3) Press OK and now you can move the parameter names and values to any place you want, but do not delete them manually. Do not change the position of the image either:

Dynamic Legend-block with parameters 3

4) Now go to Create/Edit Legend and with “Pick Rows” finish the legend:

Dynamic Legend-block with parameters 4

That’s all. Make just few steps and you can have a block that has a parameter driven text. It is easy with Dynamic Legend!

Please contact our team any time by email if you have any questions on Dynamic Legend or other tools4revit extensions.