November 12, 2013

Does Revit App Dynamic Legend Work with Linked Files?

Today I will explain about the possibility to work with linked files using the Autodesk® Revit® extension Dynamic Legend. This post was inspired by our customer question “Does Dynamic Legend work on linked files, if yes, how?”, that we received last week.

I want to make all Revit users sure that Dynamic Legend really works with linked files. You can filter those elements by selecting “Document” tab in the window “Select Parameters”:

Dynamic Legend-Work with linked files 1

Then select this parameter in “Configure Grouping”:

Dynamic Legend-Work with linked files 2

“Document” shows Revit project name. Now you have a possibility to filter families from any linked or current project:

Dynamic Legend-Work with linked files 3

The result is families from two projects in one legend view:

Dynamic Legend-Work with linked files 4

Mandatory condition:

Working with Dynamic Legend families from linked Revit projects have to be leaded into the project where you do the legend. In other ways, you will not be able to see the component; there will be an empty place. So you will see all information but without the element view.

Now you know that Revit add-in Dynamic Legend works with linked projects. Hope this information was helpful to you.