May 16, 2018

Completely New MEP Hangers Released

MEP Hangers has been remade to give you more options, greater flexibility, more functions, and increased speed in laying out hangers and supports throughout your Revit MEP model. The software has been totally revamped to make new workflows possible. Plus it’s got a sweet new interface.

Here’s what you need to know in order to use the new MEP Hangers to its full potential.

Main updates that have been made to MEP Hangers
Connect hangers,
stands, or supports to any LINKED structure. Now the software can read the distance from an MEP object to not only walls, floors, roofs, and structural slabs but also to structural framing (new!) and structural columns (new!). Plus, it sizes hanger rods or
legs accordingly.
Lay out rooftop stands. The tool calculates the distance from MEP to the structure below and extends stand legs as needed.
Combine multiple detail families – up to 8 – to create a hanger assembly.
Split ducts, pipes, cable trays, and conduit with a union family. And you don’t lose all MEP coordination features (Move, Rotate, Trim,
Extend, Change System Class, etc.)
Space hangers evenly for a whole run of ducts, pipes, cable trays, or conduit. Place hangers with equal
distances between them, taking into account all inner details like unions, tees, taps, transitions, etc.

For all the other updates that have been made to MEP Hangers, please watch our webinar:

Try out the new MEP Hangers today by downloading a free trial!