November 14, 2016

COMING SOON! New Prefabricated Wooden Roof Framing Solution for Revit® users

Nowadays, people want fast results on construction site, i.e. quickly manufactured prefabricated walls, floors and roof. That’s why after long and hard work, we are finally putting finishing touches on a new product designed for prefabricated roofs – Wood Framing Roof+, which was awaited by many.

On this occasion, we are hosting a 45-min WEBINAR, which will be held on Thursday, November 17. Framing Roof+ enables quick and easy creation of prefabricated wood framing for roofs in Revit® models. Powerful features simplify creation of roof joists, battens, valley joists, roof boards and more. The software automates shop drawings, including the sorting, tagging, dimensioning and scheduling of all frames.

Wood Framing Roof+ frames prefabricated roof panels. Roof Panel Layout automates panel layout planning for architectural roof. The software draws symbolic lines according to predefined rules which indicate the way future panels will look like. Then it creates actual Revit® roof panels.

Possible workflow:

So, first we have to divide the roof into the prefabricated panels. Panel Layout Planning includes functions for better understanding of how the roof will be divided. Users can control every division line and automate division process by predefining rules.

Now it’s time to create actual Revit® roof panels. It’s very easy; you just need to select how it has to be created – for the selected roof side or for the whole roof:


All of these roof Panels can be later moved into new phase through its Properties for better filtering and scheduling.

Now it’s time for Wood Framing Roof+. The workflow of this new software is very similar to the existing one of Wood Framing Wall+ and Wood Framing Floor+. It has all features for predefining your own common roof framing, batten, roofing configurations, sheathing creation and shop drawings. Standardized and automated roof framing, and shop drawing generation enable users to jump over a few major steps in building design. These are time-saving Roof+ functions:

Framing configuration includes powerful options for predefining common joists, opening framing, edges, bridings, nogging, blockings, details and many more.

Result after creating main joists on the roof panels using Wood Framing Roof+:

Result after adding battens and secondary frame:

Users can modify each framing element separately. And there are also lots of different modification capabilities for each element.

Users can easily insert additional bridging or blocking to any place. Complex opening headers and sills for skylights or other openings can be created.

Skylight section view:

Shop drawings are produced almost simultaneously as you frame your first roof panel. It is so easy to make templates that it might make users forget about this process. So check whether everything is in order at the end, make a few tweaks and you’re ready to deliver your project.