WEBINAR: ‘Template Project’ functionality for Framing in Revit!

Do your wood or metal framing Revit® projects require documentation? The latest enhancement of our Framing solutions will significantly decrease your documentation time for all your projects at once.

AGACAD has enhanced its Wood and Metal Framing software for Revit® by adding new functionality to meet the current needs of industry-leading clients. From now on, you will save even more time on documentation, as you will not have to create new shop drawing sheet templates in every project over and over again. Interested? Read on!

We kindly invite all existing Wood and Metal Framing users as well as potential users to attend this webinar. You’ll get to hear about the latest feature that significantly speeds up your project documentation process.

In previous versions of our Wood Framing software for Revit®, after creating an assembly with automatic dimensions and tags, users had to drag views to the sheets and then set those Sheets as Templates to create other Assemblies within that project. Then, when users would start the next project, configurations would remain and could be used straight away…BUT the Sheet Templates had to be created in each project for every configuration from scratch. Talk about a waste of time!

One of our main goals is to minimize manual, technical — not to mention boring! — work as much as possible. With that in mind, in the new versions of Wood Framing software, we’ve managed to enhance this workflow: you will not have to create new sheet templates for your assemblies anymore, as you will be able to use the existing ones from the Template Project.

Specific topics to be addressed in this half-hour webinar include:

  • Frame walls including main framing, nailers and sidings
  • Easily generate Sheathing layouts by predefined configurations
  • Create a Template Project from scratch or from an existing project
  • Set up a Template Project in your Current Project
  • Create Shop Drawings with automatically generated sheets

Eve Januleviciute
Architectural Engineering / BIM Application Engineer & Certified Revit Professional

Can’t wait for the webinar because you’re so interested in knowing how this works? Well, we prepared a blog post just for you: Template Projects in Framing Software for Revit – the Biggest Splash of the Summer! Go ahead: read it, try it out, and experience what it’s like when the software does the boring stuff for you!
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