April 24, 2020

Limited-time offer: 3-month licenses for teams

We’re trying to align with clients’ needs in this sensitive time, so we’ve prepared special 3-month commercial licenses and individual training for a quick start. Even more, we’ll provide license activation free for one week while your team gets up to speed.

This is opportunity is especially useful for expanding your team’s capabilities and working remotely with maximum productivity.

Take advantage of this limited-time offer. Place your order by April 30 to save 20/30/50% on commercial packages both for large and small businesses.

Here’s our special offer for TEAMS in the context of COVID-19:

3-month commercial licenses
for teams of 3 / 5 / 10+ users
at discounts of 20 / 30 / 50% off


Quick individual training
(done in less than a day)
for the full team at the price of one person.


  • Speedy move from 3D modeling to BIM workflow
  • Big savings on licenses and trainings

Easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Contract and online training
  2. Practice free for 1 week
  3. License period starts (3 months). Total license period is 3 months + 1 week.

    For questions or to start, contact us at info@agacad.com or call us at +370 618 55671

    This special offer applies for each BIM solution below:

    Precast Concrete, Smart Browser, MEP Hangers, Cut Opening, Fire Sprinkler, Smart Assemblies, Wall Reinforcement, Beam Reinforcement, Smart Connections, Wood Framing Suite, Wood Framing Floor, Wood Framing Roof, Metal Framing Suite, Metal Framing Wall, Metal Framing Floor, Metal Framing Roof.

    Wood Framing BIM software for framing timber walls, floors, roofs (truss, rafter, prefab panels) in Autodesk Revit | AGACAD TOOLS4BIM

    Metal Framing BIM software for framing light-gauge steel walls, floors, roofs (truss, rafter, prefab panels) in Autodesk Revit | AGACAD TOOLS4BIM

    We encourage you to use this time to grow your team’s productivity and expertise.