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Mastering structural detailing in Revit
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Mastering structural detailing in Revit
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[04:38] Adjusting wall panel geometry by adding line-based families, point-based families, round cuts, horizontal cuts, or system families (to get a DT slab or hollowcore slab, for ex.)

[08:18] Solving L/T corner connections by adding cuts and structural connection families according to a predefined rule. Loops, grout tubes are shown.

[09:51] Adding tubes in foundation according to placement of grout tubes in wall panels

[10:33] Temporary wall braces that adapt to corresponding wall panel

[11:35] Inserting plates that adapt to size of steel column

[12:26] Brackets that track with joists

[13:33] Adjusting details according to panel weight, centroid

[14:51] Example: Precast concrete parking garage (plates, corbels, connections for warped DT slabs, etc.)

[18:58] Example: Tilt-up panel project (connectors for web joists, steel plates)

[20:38] Example: Ventilated facade project (steel brackets, insulation fasteners)

[22:04] Example: Mass timber project (mortise and tenon, contoured braces, drilling holes)

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