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How to frame openings in Revit fast with Agacad Cut Opening
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How to frame openings in Revit fast with Agacad Cut Opening
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Coordinating and designing openings in Revit is a critical part of the framing process. Whether for doors, windows, structural, or MEP systems, it must be done accurately, as quickly as possible, and be readily adaptable to design changes.


Apply workflows explained in this video to off-site manufacturing and construction of prefabricated components, as well as on-site construction. The key focus is coping with various framing situations for window, door, and system openings using Agacad Cut Opening to generate penetration holes for our framing software to seamlessly frame.


[5:27] Good practice: Set up template project

[6:25] Comparison of framed openings (windows, doors, system, family, profile)

[11:59] Edit by Instance

[13:44] Benefits of using Cut Opening tool

[15:38] Clash detection workflow for Walls & Ducts

[18:14] Clash detection workflow for Walls & Beams to get beam pockets

[20:58] Frame clashed walls

[22:34] Split parts to insert sheathing

[25:05] Use ‘Opening Framing Configurations’ to modify framed openings

[27:01] Cut Opening configurations – what to be aware of

[29:10] Add connection details

[32:35] Delete all openings

[33:33] “What if things change in my linked MEP or structural model?”

[37:57] Update frame so that it matches updated opening positions

[40:33] Cut Opening configurations


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