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Fast way to model SIP panel houses
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Fast way to model SIP panel houses
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After customizing settings to fit company standards, the SIP framing and documentation processes are all automated.


[02:54] Frame walls

[04:10] Frame floors

[04:33] Frame roof

[05:40] Align elements between walls/floors/roofs

[07:08] Insert roof ridge into beam pocket

[07:57] Attach a wall to roof

[08:44] Hip & valley rafters

[09:05] Frame roof panels

[09:52] Project documentation

[10:32] Numbering, mark parameter values (for all structural framing elements & parts)

[12:17] Automated shop drawings according to sheet template with REAL-TIME UPDATES

[15:54] What if the architectural model changes? Or a stud is added?

[20:26] Modify instances of configurations

[21:17] Add a trapezoidal top plate that adapts to roof slope

[23:09] Frame additional layers, like nailers, siding, roofing

[24:48] Views with dimensions for elements without having to create assemblies

[29:20] Shop drawings of single elements

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