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Effortless heavy timber frame design in Revit
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Effortless heavy timber frame design in Revit
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[01:53] Enhanced UI

[03:35] Customizable examples

[05:38] Numbering walls, floors, roofs with mark values

[06:08] Creating frames

[06:46] Extending beams

[07:35] Adding braces

[08:03] Modifying spacing of posts

[09:33] Modifying floor, bridging and nogging

[11:24] Structural connections in walls

[14:45] Décor elements

[16:25] Floor connections

[17:38] Trusses

[21:12] Rafters, battens, siding, nailers

[22:13] Finishing touches (light fixtures)

[24:01] Modifying frame if architecture changes

[25:50] Framing based on model lines

[30:05] Shop drawings, assembly views, native Revit views

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