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Create prefabrication drawings of hangers and supports
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Create prefabrication drawings of hangers and supports
About the video

[02:50] Placing simple hangers in an MEP project using a predefined configuration

[04:23] Modifying configuration

[05:23] Insert hangers so that spacing is a max of 2m

[06:09] Suspension bracket for round ducts

[07:05] Prefabrication Drawings

[15:55] Drawings – without having to make Assemblies

[19:04] Schedules (using ‘Filter by Sheet’ function of Revit 2023)

[20:51] Instantaneously update schedule if parameters change

[22:26] How to get total hanger count

[23:28] Complex, multi-level hanger/support structures

[24:52] Unistrut frames

[25:33] U-frame channel at virtual intersections

[26:27] Unistrut clamps

[27:16] Prefabrication drawings using Assemblies

[30:51] Placing Views on Sheets automatically to get finished Drawings straight away

[33:04] Rooftop duct supports, drawings

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