TOOLS4BIM DOCK for Revit® 2019

ONE Shortcut to ALL Trials, Tools, Updates, and more…

What is it?

The Dock is an interactive window in Autodesk® Revit® that allows you to access and manage all Revit® products developed by AGACAD.

What is it for?

In addition to managing your software licenses, use the Dock to:

Made with flexibility in mind

Lots of options let you set up the Dock to fit your needs. Choose whether the Dock opens upon Revit® startup — Rearrange the tools in the palette — Hide tools you don‘t use, so they don‘t clutter up your Dock — Move the Dock wherever you want it in your Revit® workspace — And if you don‘t need to see it, then just hide the whole thing!

Benefits of using the Dock
  • Clearly see what licenses you have and when they will expire
  • Receive the latest product news and updates
  • Easily access all AGACAD products
  • Request free product trials

(More info >> Compact access to all AGACAD TOOLS4BIM product management directly from your workstation)

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