Learn & Explore Wood Framing Wall+

Never used Wood Framing Wall+ before? Get started today! Watch step-by-step video tutorials to start working with Wall+ on your own projects.

Introduction to Wood Framing Package (6:28 min.)

  • Find Wood Framing package in Revit 
  • Access Wood Framing tools in the package 
  • Find out about the purpose of tools 
  • Find support 

Wood Framing Wall+ Tutorial 1: Load Families and Quick Frame (4:31 min.)

  • Load Wall+ families
  • Frame walls using Quick Frame method

Wood Framing Wall+ Tutorial 2: Configuration Intro, Wall Types, Link Wall and Frame Wall (7:38 min.)

  • Create new framing configuration
  • Share framing configurations with your team
  • Correctly apply materials to wall layers
  • Link framing configuration with wall type
  • Frame wall
Wood Framing Wall+ Tutorial 3: Wall Framing Configuration Settings, Update Frame and Delete Frame (8:18 min.)

  • Framing Configurations: Wall Framing settings
  • Update frame
  • Delete frame
Wood Framing Wall+ Tutorial 4: Wall Connections (7:15 min.)

  • Wall connection modelling tips in Revit
  • Framing configurations: L, End, V and T connections
  • Update wall connections
Wood Framing Wall+ Tutorial 5: Opening Frames (8:42 min.)

  • Opening framing configuration principles
  • Apply opening configurations by opening width
  • Apply opening configurations by opening type
Wood Framing Wall+ Tutorial 6: Add/Modify Elements (6:59 min.)

  • Add additional bridging/nogging/blocking 
  • Add additional studs and vertical blocks 
  • Modify or delete additional elements
Wood Framing Wall+ Tutorial 7: Modify Frame, Opening and Wall Join (6:40 min.)

  • Make unique framing changes without modifying framing configurations 
  • Modify wall frame 
  • Modify opening 
  • Modify wall join 
Wood Framing Wall+ Tutorial 8: Split Parts (Sheathing and Paneling Layouts) (9:35 min.)

  • Link wall type with sheathing and paneling configurations 
  • Split parts 
  • Modify configurations 
Wood Framing Wall+ Tutorial 9: Numbering (6:30 min.)

  • Element mark definitions 
  • Number walls, framing elements and parts 
  • Numbering configurations 
  • Create numbering rules using Sort Mark 

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