Learn & Explore Wood Framing Wall+

Never used Wood Framing Wall+ before? Get started today! Watch step-by-step video tutorials to start working with Wall+ on your own projects.

Introduction to Wood Framing Package (6:35 min.)

  • Where to find Wood Framing in TOOLS4BIM Dock
  • How to access Wood Framing package in Dock
  • How to access and use each tool in the dock (or in the ribbon)
  • Introduce the purpose of each tool in the Dock
  • Access support

Wood Framing Wall+ Tutorial 1: Load Families and Quick Frame (4:31 min.)

  • Load families correctly
  • Navigate to loaded families
  • Proceed to Quick Frame
  • Quick Frame demonstration on selected wall instance
  • Highlight the result with our families (briefly explain families)

Wood Framing Wall+ Getting Started Tutorial 2: Configuration Intro, Wall Types, Link Wall and Frame Wall (7:38 min.)

  • Quick config info
  • Refer to modelling recommendations about wall types
  • Link wall type
  • Frame linked wall

In case you have any questions, please contact us helpdesk@agacad.com.

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