Wood Framing Truss+ RT Getting Started

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Wood Framing Truss+ RT step by step video tutorial

Introduction to Truss+ RT: Getting Started Using Truss+ RT in Project (3:22 min.)

Never used Truss+ RT before? Follow these simple steps to start working with Truss+ RT on your own projects.

  • Step 1: Create roof by picking walls
  • Step 2: Modify your roof
  • Step 3: Load Truss Types

Truss System Grid Workflow (9:07 min.)

Truss System Grid is useful conceptual truss system design evaluation tool for quick check if truss system meets the necessary requirements. It can be created and updated quickly before you generate any trusses.

  • Step 1: Insert Truss System Grid
  • Step 2: Choose Truss System Type
  • Step 3: Modify Truss System Grid
  • Step 4: Generate Trusses
  • Step 5: Update Trusses by Roof changes
  • Step 6: Generate Valley Trusses

Generation of Trusses Using Truss System Grid (6:05 min.)

This video will explain how to finish your truss design using Truss System Grid.

  • Step 1: Autocopy Trusses
  • Step 2: Generate Gable End Trusses
  • Step 3: Autocopy Trusses
  • Step 4: Frame Two Beams

Setting up Truss Types (5:45 min.)

Create Manage and Update truss types in a project using Truss Database Manager. This video will show step by step instructions of doing that.

    Introductions for Truss Database Manager UI:

  • Step 1: Create Structural Framing Types for New Truss Types
  • Step 2: Create New Truss Types

Creating New Truss Systems (3:11 min.)

How to Create, Manage and Update your truss system grid systems is explained in the following video.

  • Create New Truss System Types

Modification of Truss Design Settings (3:27 min.)

Manage and Update basic parameters of individual trusses in a project using Truss Design Settings.

  • Step 1: Truss Design Settings in a Project
  • Step 2: How to Change Cuts and Ends of Trusses in a Project
  • Step 3: How to Change Advanced Parameters of Trusses in a Project

In case you have any questions, please contact us support@aga-cad.com.

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