Metal Framing Wall+ Getting Started

Never used Metal Framing Wall+ before? Get started today! Watch step-by-step video tutorials to start working with Wall+ on your own projects.

We are in the process of making Getting Started videos for Metal Framing. In the meantime, please refer to the Getting Started videos available for Wood Framing, as the workflow is essentially the same.

Introduction to Wood Framing Package (6:28 min.)

  • Find Wood Framing package in Revit 
  • Access Wood Framing tools in the package 
  • Find out about the purpose of tools 
  • Find support 

Wood Framing Wall+ Tutorial 1: Load Families and Quick Frame (4:31 min.)

  • Load Wall+ families
  • Frame walls using Quick Frame method

Wood Framing Wall+ Tutorial 2: Configuration Intro, Wall Types, Link Wall and Frame Wall (7:38 min.)

  • Create new framing configuration
  • Share framing configurations with your team
  • Correctly apply materials to wall layers
  • Link framing configuration with wall type
  • Frame wall
Wood Framing Wall+ Tutorial 3: Wall Framing Configuration Settings, Update Frame and Delete Frame (8:18 min.)

  • Framing Configurations: Wall Framing settings
  • Update frame
  • Delete frame
Wood Framing Wall+ Tutorial 4: Wall Connections (7:15 min.)

  • Wall connection modelling tips in Revit
  • Framing configurations: L, End, V and T connections
  • Update wall connections
Wood Framing Wall+ Tutorial 5: Opening Frames (8:42 min.)

  • Opening framing configuration principles
  • Apply opening configurations by opening width
  • Apply opening configurations by opening type
Wood Framing Wall+ Tutorial 6: Add/Modify Elements (6:59 min.)

  • Add additional bridging/nogging/blocking 
  • Add additional studs and vertical blocks 
  • Modify or delete additional elements
Wood Framing Wall+ Tutorial 7: Modify Frame, Opening and Wall Join (6:40 min.)

  • Make unique framing changes without modifying framing configurations 
  • Modify wall frame 
  • Modify opening 
  • Modify wall join 
Wood Framing Wall+ Tutorial 8: Split Parts (Sheathing and Paneling Layouts) (9:35 min.)

  • Link wall type with sheathing and paneling configurations 
  • Split parts 
  • Modify configurations 
Wood Framing Wall+ Tutorial 9: Numbering (6:30 min.)

  • Element mark definitions 
  • Number walls, framing elements and parts 
  • Numbering configurations 
  • Create numbering rules using Sort Mark

In case you have any questions, please submit a request form.

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