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Distribution of sprinklers in Revit model (11:00 min.)

Let’s make a few steps in order to distribute your sprinkler heads in spaces, insert position symbols into spaces and insert real sprinkler heads on these position symbols.

  • Step 1: Introductions
  • Step 2: Scanning the room dimensions
  • Step 3: Element distribution area
  • Step 4: Room/Space information
  • Step 5: Constraints
  • Step 6: Element distribution planning
  • Step 7: Placement parameters
  • Step 8: Configuration data
  • Step 9: Calculated data
  • Step 10: Insert sprinklers to position symbols
  • Step 11: Manage virtual group
Update sprinklers positions (2:14 min.)

Learn how to update your sprinkler distribution after making changes in a project.

  • Step 1: Turn on automatic updater
  • Step 2: Turn off automatic updater
Sprinkler head connection into one system (10:21 min.)

Connect your sprinkler heads into one hydraulic system.

  • Step 1: Pipe type configuration
  • Step 2: Sprinkler pipe routing configuration
  • Step 3: Insert fittings
  • Step 4: Connect new sprinklers into a system
Update your hydraulic system (5:03 min.)

Learn how to update your hydraulic system and find interference in between sprinkler fire protection system and other parts of a project.

  • Step 1: Show hierarchical list of a system
  • Step 2: Pre-calculate pipe diameters
  • Step 3: Interference check

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