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Introduction: How to run Interference Check correctly (2:08 min.)
  • Step 1: How to run Interference Check correctly to work with Cut Opening
  • Step 2: Never run Interference Check report like this when working with Cut Opening

How to set MEP opening configurations (7:19 min.)
  • Step 1: Main settings
  • Step 2: Insulation settings
  • Step 3: Configurations for different system classifications and element types
  • Step 4: Cut offsets
  • Step 5: Join openings
  • Step 6: Interference Check

Read Interference Check data (7:22 min.)
  • Read Interference Check data from external HTML file
Insert openings (4:05 min.)
  • Step 1: Insert only included MEP openings
  • Step 2: Insert excluded and included MEP openings
Change management (4:32 min.)
  • Step 1: Change management. MEP Opening Revision
  • Step 2: Manual correction of holes. Join / Unjoin feature
Insert fire dampers (3:24 min.)
  • Step 1: Run Interference Check
  • Step 2: Map host element types to Duct Accessories
  • Step 3: Insert fire dampers
Insert structural openings (1:19 min.)
  • Step 1: Insert structural openings
How to work with linked models (4:49 min.)
  • Step 1: Insert opening using linked MEP model
  • Step 2: Insert opening using linked Architectural model
Tag openings (2:37 min.)
  • Step 1: Tag the openings

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