Cut Opening eHelp


Step 1 – How to Run Interference Check Correctly
Step 2 – How to Set MEP Opening Configurations
Step 3 – Read Interference Check Data
Step 4 – Insert MEP Openings
Step 5 – Change Management and Manual Corrections of Holes
Step 6 – Insert Fire Dampers
Step 7 – Insert Structural Openings
Step 8 – Work with Linked Files
Step 9 – How to Tag Openings
Step 10 – How to Get Opening Width, Height, and Elevation Parameters


How quickly to create, modify openings? (pdf)


Openings change colour in plan and section views depending on Approved/Declined parameters.

R2021 Metric Openings (WinRAR archive)
R2021 Imperial Openings (WinRAR archive)

R2020 Metric Openings (WinRAR archive)
R2020 Imperial Openings (WinRAR archive)


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