Wood Framing Roof+ for Revit: New Families, New Version, New Features

Greetings to all AGACAD Wood Framing product lovers! We know that there are many of you all over the world who get a lot out of our professional tools for Revit. For those of you who work with prefabricated roof framing and rafter structures, the newly released version of Wood Framing Roof+ has some new features that will be especially helpful for you. Let’s take a look.

1. Reduced number of families but more flexible and intelligent. The new families are easier to use than the old ones that they have replaced, and you’ll find that they greatly expand your framing possibilities. Just pay attention when you get around to using them, especially if you decide to use them on an existing project, because new framing configurations will be installed with the new families. (More on the configurations below.)

Recommendation: Finish existing projects with the existing families and framing configurations. Install the new Roof+ version when you start a new project.

Also, note that new families can be renamed with old family names and can be successfully used in new projects with only minor adjustments made to existing configurations.

Here is a side-by-side list of the new families and the old families being replaced in Imperial projects. (For Metric projects, there will be M_ at the beginning).

New families for new Roof+2021 configurations Old families for old configurations

I_RWF Common Joist.rfa

I_Roof_Frame Common Rafter.rfa

I_Roof_Frame Common Joist.rfa

I_RWF Rim-Bridging Joist.rfa

I_Roof_Frame Valley_Hip Board.rfa

I_Roof_Frame Trimmer.rfa

I_Roof_Frame Trimmer Joist.rfa

I_Roof_Frame Trapezoid Girder Joist.rfa

I_Roof_Frame Top Trimmer_Bevelled.rfa

I_Roof_Frame Top Trimmer.rfa

I_Roof_Frame Top Trap_Trimmer.rfa

I_Roof_Frame Horizontal Board.rfa

I_Roof_Frame Header.rfa

I_Roof_Frame Fascia & Trimmer.rfa

I_Roof_Frame Brace Board.rfa

I_Roof_Frame Bottom Trimmer.rfa

I_Roof_Frame Batten Joist.rfa

I_RWF Rim-Bridging I-Joist.rfa

I_RWF Common I-Joist.rfa

I_Roof_Frame Trimmer I-Joist.rfa

I_Roof_Frame Common Rafter I-Joist.rfa

I_Roof_Frame Common I-Joist.rfa

I_RWF Valley Rafter.rfa

I_RWF Valley Rafter I-Joist.rfa

I_RWF Hip Rafter.rfa

I_RWF Hip Rafter I-Joist.rfa

I_Roof_Frame Valley Rafter.rfa

I_Roof_Frame Valley Rafter I-Joist.rfa

I_Roof_Frame Hip Rafter.rfa

I_Roof_Frame Hip Rafter I-Joist.rfa

I_RWF_Joist Diagonal Cut.rfa

I_RWF_Joist Bottom Cut.rfa

I_RWF Soffit Board_Profiled.rfa

I_RWF Soffit Board.rfa

I_RWF Soffit Board_Groove.rfa

I_Roof_Frame Soffit Board_MultiProfile.rfa

I_Roof_Frame Soffit Board.rfa

I_Roof_Frame Groove Board.rfa

I_RWF Ridge Joist.rfa

I_RWF Girder Joist.rfa

I_RWF Ridge I-Joist.rfa

I_RWF Girder I-Joist.rfa

I_Roof_Frame Ridge Joist_Bevelled_Spec.rfa

I_Roof_Frame Ridge Joist_Bevelled.rfa

I_Roof_Frame Ridge Joist.rfa

I_Roof_Frame Ridge I-Joist.rfa

I_Roof_Frame Girder Joist_Bevelled.rfa

I_Roof_Frame Girder Joist.rfa

I_Roof_Frame Trapezoid Girder Joist.rfa

I_RWF Collar Joist.rfa

I_RWF Collar I-Joist.rfa

I_RWF Sleeper.rfa

I_Roof_Frame Collar Joist.rfa

I_Roof_Frame Collar I-Joist.rfa

I_Roof_Frame Sleeper Board.rfa

Here are the new framing configurations that we prepared to speed up your project. Again, they come with the new families:

Example: All these different blockings and headers were created using just one family:

To work with the new families, go to Framing ConfigurationCommon SettingsModify Configuration Settings and tick ON the Enable New Algorithm for Wood Framing using New Families.

Advantages of the new families:

  • The new families are simple and speed up roof framing by a factor of 2.
  • The new families replace and expand the possibilities of the old families.
  • The new framing technology is more flexible, making it possible to get good results in all situations faster than using the old families.

2. New cutting technology. This update allows you greater control over joist ends, opening up lots of possibilities. It’s a quick and flexible way to work with element ends.

There are two new intelligent families used for cutting:

I_RWF_Joist Diagonal Cut.rfa and I_RWF_Joist Bottom Cut.rfa (for Imperial projects)

M_RWF_Joist Diagonal Cut.rfa and M_RWF_Joist Bottom Cut.rfa (for Metric projects)

Example with a diagonal cut family:

Example with a bottom cut family:

3. New framing direction option. With this update, we’ve added the possibility of aligning the whole framing direction with the roof slope arrow. It allows you to work with different roof shapes and forms.

So, those are the updates that we’ve made to Wood Framing Roof. Current users: you can download the new Roof version by clicking the little red bubble in the TOOLS4BIM Dock – but, again, this time we recommend doing so only when you’re ready to start a new project.

Not a user of our BIM solutions? We invite you to give them a try! Take a free trial of any of our BIM solutions. Just download the TOOLS4BIM Dock for your version of Revit, open Revit, and select the tool you’d like to try out.

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