Webinar Wrap-up: Precast 101

Thanks to all who attended our webinar about Precast Concrete. The recording is up on our YouTube channel. To get the sample project & configurations referred to during the webinar, here are your action items.

  1. Watch the webinar. (Be sure to click the ‘Subscribe’ button while you’re there.)
  2. Take a free trial of Precast Concrete to evaluate it. To do this, you need to download the TOOLS4BIM Dock.
  3. Contact us to get the SAMPLE PROJECT & CONFIGURATIONS to use during your 2-week trial period.

Did you know that we became an Autodesk AEC Industry Partner last month? That’s why we hosted “Precast 101” – to take a look at the basics of Precast Concrete and show how you can increase modeling and documentation efficiency in Revit.

“Precast 101” showed how to:

  • Model and document a precast structure in Revit.
  • Create wall panels, slabs, columns, beams, windows, doors, and MEP openings.
  • Assign mark values based on rules for any type of Precast element.
  • Automate dimensions in plans, elevations, and shop drawings.

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