May 26, 2023

Quick, Flexible Design & Documentation of Ventilated Façades in Revit [WEBINAR]

Designers of ventilated façade buildings know how time-consuming, mundane, and error-prone the process can be in native Revit®. And manufacturers know all too well the delays, costs, and rework that any errors in data or documentation can cause in the factory or on site.

To one degree or another, the struggles associated with ventilated façade projects are costly and negatively impact the project’s carbon footprint. And raise the blood pressure of everyone involved.

Thankfully, managing ventilated façades in Revit does not have to be done manually. Our Ventilated Facades BIM software helps you overcome the limitations of working in plain Revit so that 3D modeling and 2D technical drawings are done right and done on time.

Ventilated Facades
Ventilated Facades
Ventilated Facades
A metal framed wall is here composed of ventilated facade panels.
Ventilated Facades

From modeling components and marking them for scheduling to generating shop drawings of framed panels – with all tags and dimensions placed automatically according to the BIM model – this Revit plugin increases productivity and minimizes mistakes during the building design phase.

And that means you save time, money and reduce construction waste. And also enjoy lower blood pressure.

We invite you to relax and tune in to our free webinar on June 15. Sign up below.


  • Creating ventilated façade design in external walls

  • Instantly creating frames for ventilated façades

  • Splitting parts to create panels

  • Numbering framing elements & parts

  • Creating an assembly with shop drawings


Andrius Čupkovas
BIM Application Engineer

Webinar intended for

Architects, Structural Engineers, Manufacturers, BIM Managers/Coordinators – all involved in designing, fabricating, and constructing ventilated façades.


For those who face constant pressure to deliver accurate ventilated façade models, schedules, and shop drawings on time, AGACAD provides an advanced Revit plugin – Ventilated Facades – that helps quickly and accurately create, update, and manage 3D models, 2D drafting, and BIM documentation of ventilated façades by automating Revit tasks. This is a serious BIM tool that dramatically reduces time spent on repetitive tasks and cuts costs due to human error.


Central European Session

Thursday, June 15, 2023
11:00-11:30 AM Central European

Most convenient for:
Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania

US Central Session

Thursday, June 15, 2023
11:00-11:30 AM US Central

Most convenient for:
America, Europe, Africa

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