September 5, 2017

Video Q&A: How do you find an opening’s dimensions and elevation?

Certainly it’s necessary to know an opening’s dimensions and elevation from a given reference. But when you cut an opening using Cut Opening software, how can you find these parameters in Revit®? All it takes is a little know-how!

CLIENT QUESTION: How can we tag openings made using the Cut Opening plug-in? I am looking for dimensions of openings (e.g. height, width) and elevation from some baseline.

ANSWER: It is possible to tag and schedule any parameters of an opening. All opening parameters are created as shared, so you can use a shared parameter file to accomplish this task.

Regarding elevation, we have several different methods of calculating it, so you can choose the best one for your scenario: calculate from a level, from the project “0” point, or from a shared “0” point. These elevations are transformed into parameters, so it is possible to tag and schedule them as well.

Watch this quick how-to video for the full answer!

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