January 4, 2016

Upcoming Metal Framing Wall+ feature enhancements that support curved wall creation

High performance design is a very important aspect for all building designers, especially those who do framed building modeling. We always emphasize that our company is actively involved in development of new solutions for Revit® in this area. And we finally have good news: we are continuously working on new Metal Framing Wall+ version that will support arched walls and will soon be available!

Our application for Revit Metal Framing Wall+ is dedicated to those who are looking for precisely and easily framed building designs. This article will provide a brief overview of what will be available in Revit modeling. Here is a list of some of the new enhancements that the newest version of Metal Framing Wall+ will offer:

  • New Metal Framing Wall+ version will have possibility to frame curved walls:
  • All these shapes can be used during the wall frame placement > Circle, Start-End-Radius Arc, Center-ends Arc, Tangent End Arc, Fillet Arc:
  • For the arched walls you should use our created family (M_MF Track Flex) for the Top and Bottom Plates in Framing Configuration:

Note: M_MF Track Flex.rfa family is just a sample family. User can create his/her own more precise family if needed.

This functionality will be included in the newest Metal Framing Wall+ version which will be released in the first half of January 2016.

This feature was asked by some structural engineers from the Netherlands and a building contractor from the USA. We hope that this functionality will be useful not only for them but for other progressive BIM modellers too. So please wait for a few weeks and you’ll discover a better solution for framed building design!