February 14, 2018

Sorting & Numbering Updates for Wood/Metal Framing

New versions of our Wood & Metal Framing software for Revit have been released! The improvements included in Wall+, Floor+, and Roof Panel Frame solutions let you easily sort and number walls, structural framing elements, and structural connection elements by your own specific rules configured via Sort Mark. Also, by using additional options you’ll be able to split parts and number elements at the same time as a wall is being framed — and update the details automatically!

In the enhanced versions, you’ve got these new functions in the “Shop Drawings” menu:

  • Numbering Setup – opens a window in which you’ll be able to set numbering rules for walls, structural framing, and structural connection elements by using functionality from the framing software and Sort Mark configurations
  • Number Walls – numbers all walls by the configuration, set in the “Numbering Setup”
  • Number Elements – numbers all structural framing and structural connection elements by the configuration, set in the “Numbering Setup”

In the “Numbering Setup” window, you’ll see two tabs: one for walls and one for numbering elements. In the “Numbering Setup” tab, you’ll be able to: (see corresponding numbers in the image below)

Write Position for CNC Mark, Sort Structural Connections by Mark, and Sort Structural Framing either by Id, Mark, Assembly Name, or from Start to End.
Sort and Mark Structural Framing Elements by chosen configurations (created with Sort Mark tool)
Sort and Mark Structural Connection Elements by the chosen configurations (created with Sort Mark tool)
Add Sort Mark Configuration Files’ Location, which, by default, is set to the same location as in the Sort Mark tool.

In the “Wall Numbering Setup” tab, you’ll be able to choose from the configurations that are created for the “Walls” category using Sort Mark:

All these settings can be saved and used in the future. That said, you’ll be able to sort and number walls and structural framing/connection elements by multiple configurations with just a few clicks!

Furthermore, you can turn on this tick mark, and all elements will be numbered with the “Frame Wall“ command:

And if you‘ll check the box just above that – “Split Parts with ‘Frame Wall’ Command“ – you guessed it: all parts predefined to split will be split automatically.



Another option that you‘ll see in the new versions is the ability to update details automatically. This was done by special request, as we always strive to meet our clients‘ needs. At the same time, *we recommend adding details at the end of the framing process*. That way, the software works faster, and you don‘t have to waste your time on updates. Nonetheless, with the added feature, you can automatically update your frame with details.

So now that you know what the updates contain, go ahead and download the new versions, put them to work, and let us know what you think!

And if you’re not using our framing tools yet, we invite you to try them out! Take a free trial by downloading our TOOLS4BIM Dock below.

link to download TOOLS4BIM Dock

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