June 10, 2020

Smart Assemblies in Revit [UPDATES]

The newest version of our Smart Assemblies BIM tool for automating shop drawings in Revit has just been released.

The primary update in the new version has to do with the Smart Dimensions feature. In the previous version of Smart Assemblies, the Smart Dimensions configurations were in the Hosted Metal Details tab:

But with this update, Smart Dimensions has been moved to its own tab, outside of Hosted Metal Details. This means that you can create dimensions by using settings in the Hosted Metal Details tab AND in the Smart Dimensions tab.

For current users of Smart Assemblies, it‘s important to know that if you had an existing configuration with Smart Dimensions turned ON, then in your configuration you will now find that Hosted Metal Details and Smart Dimensions are BOTH turned ON. In some situations that could cause duplicate dimensions because Hosted Metal Detail dimensioning rules and Smart Dimensions will both be applied.


If you find your dimensions are duplicating, it’s very easy to fix – just uncheck the Hosted Metal details checkbox (in the screenshot below, that’s Row 7):


Priority of Cuts and Openings

Another update in this release is that the priority of Front/Back/Side Cuts and Openings can be changed, and dimension lines for them can be joined:

Insert Grids

Now it’s possible to insert and dimension a grid for walls when in Assembly view. A 2D grid will be inserted in the view if it‘s perpendicular to the side face of the wall.

Rotate Roof Part to be Horizontal

Roof parts are sloped, but in Assembly view they should be horizontal. Smart Assemblies will automatically rotate the Assembly origin to correctly orient the view. This is especially useful for our clients who frame CLT panels.

Current users, be sure to download these updates via the Tools4BIM Dock to start benefiting from them today.

Potential users of Smart Assemblies, we invite you download a free trial of this extremely useful BIM tool that can save you hours of documentation work in Revit. Do you design precast structures? Smart Assemblies comes as part of our Precast Concrete design software for Revit.