SHK-Essen Exhibition 2018

SHK logoThe SHK (Sanitär-Heizung-Klima) Fair will take place in Essen, Germany, on March 6-9. We’re excited to be taking part in this event, courtesy of our partner Contelos. Our MEP engineer Jokubas Vaisvila will be in attendance with Contelos at booth C44 in hall 1. If you will be at SHK-Essen, we invite you to visit!

Come hear about BIM team workflow, BIM Model audits, and BIM object creation, management, and sharing within a BIM team. From our side, Jokubas will be giving live demonstrations focusing on fire protection design, including sprinkler design and fire component details. In addition, he’ll be showing what’s related to BIM MEP coordination, namely, pipe routing, clash-avoidance, wielding Cut Opening, preparing builders work drawings, and laying out hangers.

Last but not least, he’ll have a HoloLens on hand so that while he talks about facility management of MEP systems, you can see it happening in augmented reality. Imagine: you’re walking through a building wearing a pair of HoloLens. You look at a door, window, a vent, etc. and instantly see the information you need to know about it. AR/VR is just one potential application of BIMAXON, a new-generation BIM platform that gives real-time access to data from all sources.

You’ll get all that and more by stopping by to see the dynamic duo Contelos & AGACAD at the SHK Fair, hall 1, booth C44. We hope to see you there!

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