October 5, 2016

A structural dream-come-true: Say hello to the Precast Concrete Suite for Revit®

I will go straight to the point – Revit was not enough for structural engineers for some time. It has quite good tools to model forms of precast elements. And it’s ok for preliminary design. But when you had to go into details, you probably asked yourself every time – why did we choose Revit to be our main software for everyday work? While our friends, colleagues in other companies using other structural software have no complains?

It should not be like this that’s why we developed add-ons for precast structures to improve work efficiency in Revit and be able to compete with other companies in the market. You don’t have to miss out on easier design work or regret that your models are Revit models, with Precast Concrete Suite you can solve most of the headaches in structures discipline and then you will begin enjoying working with Revit.

Precast Concrete Suite provides you with all features for precast structures modelling, numbering and drawings that Revit is lacking. There are more than 100 different commands/options/settings that can move your design workflow to the next level.

It is important, that Precast Concrete Suite solution gives you possibility to not just interact with structural elements through dialog, configuration windows, but also to keep connections up with the changes made to the elements:

  • If you split walls with defined panel width and gap between them, then you can modify this gap in all of these walls anytime.
  • If you create group of floors, you can change properties of this group anytime by editing height, length, supports, direction, etc. of all hollow core slabs at once.
  • If you insert hundreds of details into connections, you can edit all of them with just a few clicks by using configuration window.

Download a FREE TRIAL version of Precast Concrete Suite and see how it will help you in your daily work. You can also request a live demo.