New Wood Framing Wall+ 2016.17 and 2017.17 versions have been released!

Check out the newest versions of Wood Framing Wall+. From custom joins to offsets, the increased options give you more flexibility in modelling your project.

  • The possibility of creating custom joins under V Connections has been added.

User can predefine each stud position, type, rotation, alignment, etc. The scheme which is predefined by the user is visible in the Symbolic Preview.


  • An option to Make Non Mitered V Panels has been added, which recalculates V panels and makes them non-mitered.

Result if the option is switched off:

  • Now you can have two different stud sizes in the same wall by using the secondary stud system.
  • More flexible options to control Additional Bridging/Nogging/Blocking have been added. Now you can predefine an offset from the selected element or a connected element.
  • You can control the offset from a shorter or longer connected element end.

  • You can add more Bridging/Nogging/Blocking rules – up to 8!
  • More options for Bridging/Nogging/Blocking rules have been added: now there is an External/Internal/Centre setting.
  • A function called Set Max Spacing for Frame has been added, which recalculates maximum stud spacing in the frame.
  • A brand new Cut Beams function cuts beams that intersect with the selected beam.
  • Two window/door/opening header types have been added.
  • Other minor improvements.

For more information about Wood Framing Wall+ check e-help, watch our webinars and getting started videos, and of course contact our support group at if you have any questions.

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