September 2, 2015

New Smart Browser Free Version Has Been Released

This week we have released new Smart Browser Free version that has a possibility to load subcategories from the predefined file to your Revit® families.

From now on loading subcategories will be easy. You just have to open the Revit family → TOOLS4BIM DockSmart Browser FreeCreate/ModifyCreate SubCategory → select subcategories from the list → and click OK:


Default list of subcategories is created by ANZRS (Australian and New Zealand Revit Standards). It can be found and modified under SubCategories Data Load Configuration:

You can anytime modify the file with subcategories and predefine not only a subcategory name, but also line weight, line color and material:

After modification, this file can be added into a common company location to share with your colleagues.

We hope that this improvement will ease your work with your Revit families. You are welcome to try updated Smart Browser Free version here >>.

Let us know if you have any questions regarding new or current features of Smart Browser Free.