New Smart Assemblies Version Release Announcement

Smart Assemblies creates the views, rules-based dimensions, and assembly sheets you need for combinations of structural and architectural elements. Thus, it overcomes limitations in Autodesk® Revit® functionality, so that even manufacturers and on-site personnel can generate shop drawings easily.

Smart Assemblies combines multiple hosted or nested concrete and steel elements into a single entity and automatically generates shop drawings with required views and sections, proper dimensions, text notes and schedules by user’s predefined rules in shop drawing configuration. It also updates existing shop drawings if any changes were made to the project.

To create full manufacturing drawings in Revit, might be a challenge, that‘s why we constantly improve our tools and here is a new features list in this update of Smart Assemblies to make it even better:

  1. Walls and parts orientation are the same now. As you can see from the picture below – wall and part will have the same orientations:
  2. Minimum size of holes which has to be dimensioned can be controlled now:

  3. Standard cuts have minimal size for dimensioning now:
  4. Non-standard cuts have minimal size dimensioning now:

    If you change configuration as shown below, you will get the following results:

  5. Non-standard cuts have total dimension switch to choose whether only total dimensions or all edges should be dimensioned.

  6. You can choose whether Gravity Point will be visible in views by default now:
  7. You can choose to dimension Gravity Point in views now:
  8. If view is rotated in sheet template, view in new created assembly will be rotated too.
  9. If you move sections in template views, sections in new created assemblies will be moved too:
  10. New section types added to Shop Drawings Configuration window. They are flipped versions of standard, default assembly views. New section types – Detail Section Back (A), Detail section left (B), Plan Detail Up.
  11. You can select in which view section and what elevation symbols are visible, unhidden.
  12. Interoperability with our new BIM tool Smart Details. Smart Assemblies will show if assembly can be updated based on the updates made with Smart Details.

All these new features of Smart Assemblies will give users more control over drawings they produce automatically and eliminate unnecessary manual work. More flexible configurations give more freedom and possibilities to get the final results they need. And of course – the more software does for you, the more time you save.

You‘re welcome to try new features by updating Smart Assemblies from Dock menu in 2015 and 2016 versions.

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