New Smart Assemblies Version Has Been Released!

Smart Assemblies v 2014.2-0Today we release new Smart Assemblies version 2014.2! In general, we are releasing 2-3 new our tool’s versions for one Revit version. So now we are going to release the second Smart Assemblies version for Revit 2014.

Our newest BIM solution which has attained high interest of Revit users especially those who work using Revit Structure has been updated according to our clients’ requests. For example, in this Smart Assemblies’ version a possibility to show assembly schedule counts by assembly instance or type has been added. This was the request of limestone fabricator specializing in new construction and restoration project.

We have also made some other useful improvements considering other Revit users’ wish list, foremost considering AGA CAD product subscribers’ wish list. About our subscription benefits (new versions, updates, full support, etc.) you can read more in our blog post Software Subscription and Its Benefits: Main Things You Need to Know. But now let’s take a look what’s new in Smart Assemblies v2014.2:

  • Schedules and sheets are grouped and displayed in a separate tabs in Shop Drawing Configurations dialog:

Smart Assemblies v 2014.2-1

  • We also added a possibility to create two or more sheets if needed. The newest Smart Assemblies version allows to assign different title blocks to sheets, therefore now every assembly can contain several Sheets with different Title blocks:

Smart Assemblies v 2014.2-2

  • Added possibility to show assembly schedule counts by assembly instance or assembly type. Now the Smart Assemblies can show counts for one selected assembly or for all same assemblies in the project:

Smart Assemblies v 2014.2-3


Smart Assemblies v 2014.2-4

  • After pressing “Create Assembly” or “Update Assembly”, application Smart Assemblies for Autodesk® Revit® adds additional “Weight” parameter to the assembly and calculates true weight value automatically:

Smart Assemblies v 2014.2-5

  • New Smart Assemblies version saves section’s position and direction. This possibility allows you to prepare shop drawings more convenient than earlier:

Smart Assemblies v 2014.2-6

  • BIM Solution Smart Assemblies v 2014.2 shows detailed report with warnings after making or updating the assembly. Such report can be exported to PDF file if necessary:

Smart Assemblies v 2014.2-7

  • Floor Slab Edges are included into the assembly:

Smart Assemblies v 2014.2-8

  • Generic models category is included for making assemblies. Mandatory condition for this category – “Can host rebar” parameters have to be switched on:

Smart Assemblies v 2014.2-9


Smart Assemblies v 2014.2-10

Video: What’s new in the latest Smart Assemblies version 2014.2

Make sure that the improvements are made to some purposes. You are welcome to try updated version here: Smart Assemblies download page >>.

Let us know if you have any questions regarding new or current features of Smart Assemblies.


All above mentioned new features refer to Revit 2014 only. Smart Assemblies version for Revit 2013 wasn’t updated: v2013 is the same as it is now.

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